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Joel and Chris Mosier
To Whom It May Concern:
It was our pleasure to have Siggi M. Carty assist us in the selling of our house at 10325 Galahad Way. She guided us throughout the selling process, and always had our best interest at heart. She treated us like we were her only clients, yet we know she is a successful and able real estate agent, and has many clients.

By utilizing e-mail as well as phone contact Siggi kept us informed and motivated as to what we had to do to get the house in final selling shape as well as what the buyers were looking for.
We have nothing but praise and respect for the job she did. From the time the house went on the market in mid to late November 2010, until the final papers were signed on January 29, 2011, Siggi led us professionally and respectfully through the experience. She even, though the buyer’s agent was not available, was with us during the closing process at the title company. We believed Siggi had our best interest at heart during the situation of selling the house. We believe she provided us with insight, help with whom to hire to do several small jobs, and the confidence we had in finalizing the house for sale. We think very highly of her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.
Joel and Chris Mosier

Lisa and Brian Paonessa
To Whom It May Concern:
We found Mrs. Sieglinde “Siggi” Carty through a friend of a friend while we were residing in Stuttgart, Germany. Immediately she sent a number of emails asking information about us to assist in the home buying process. She sent an all-encompassing packet of information about the area to assist in our decision to relocate to the El Paso area.
Upon first moving to El Paso, we decided to rent rather than purchase. Siggi showed us the different areas of the city helping us make the decision to reside in Northwest part of town. Although we did not find a rental home through Siggi, she remained in contact with us. Several months later, having difficulties with the condition of the rental home, Siggi was right there to provide us with guidance of the applicable rules for the Texas Board of Realtors.
At that point, we were ready to purchase a home and Siggi assured us she would find us a home that felt perfect. She did! We looked at a number of homes with Siggi, and she assured us that we would continue to look at homes until the perfect one came along. She listened to our wants and needs, and truly had an understanding of exactly what we wanted in a home.
She took us back to the home we eventually purchased (a number of times) and negotiated well with a difficult seller’s agent. The closing process was painless and we moved in the next weekend. Siggi contacted us on a regular basis making sure everything was perfect with our home.
Our move to El Paso was challenging, but Siggi made the process seem easy. It was like having a friend in town prior to having ever met! Siggi Carty is one of the most genuine people we have ever known. Her concern for our well-being was with the utmost sincere intentions. Siggi remains a friend today. We will continue to recommend Mrs. Siggi Carty as she is an invaluable asset in the home buying process.
Very Respectfully,
Lisa and Brian Paonessa

Dante Darancou & Alexandra M. Diaz
To Whom It May Concern:
We are writing to express our pleasure with Mrs. Sieglinde “Siggi” Carty, our real estate agent who represented us in our recent purchase of our first single-family home.
Siggi guided us through the entire process, from loan pre-qualification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. By suggesting we pre-qualify for a loan, Siggi was able to help us make an offer the very minute we were ready to do so. She was extremely patient with us as we asked to see many homes. Although most would be frustrated with us, she helped us with a hug and smile at every house we saw. She made us feel as if we were her only clients by always giving us her undivided attention. She even attended our house-warming party we had a couple of weeks after closing. We credit Siggi with this smooth, stress-free, home-buying experience.
This is our first home purchase, and we will never forget our pleasurable experience. She will definitely be by our side the next time around. Siggi is savvy, personable, and knows the market like the back of her hand. We could have never gotten our dream home without her.
To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Mrs. Sieglinde Carty and her expertise, and we would gladly recommend her with the highest regard.
Dante Darancou
Alexandra M. Diaz

Samantha S. Shirley                                                    25 September 2011
To Whom It May Concern:
My relationship with Mrs. Sieglinde “Siggi” Carty began while I was stationed in Korea serving the US Army. I was selected for the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy (Class 62) at Fort Bliss, TX and knew I wanted to buy a home in the area when I arrived in April 2011. I started working through the USAA’s Moversadvantage program around November 2010 and they assigned Siggi as my real estate agent.
            I immediately received an email from Siggi. She introduced herself and asked me what my needs were for home ownership. She took my requests to heart and sent me a continuous feed of homes that fit my criteria. She also sent me local school information and area statistics. When I arrived to Fort Bliss, she had prepared a complete list of homes and was ready to start the process of searching. Her knowledge of my desires was spot on; however, most of the homes in the area that I had been watching had sold. She was convinced that the “perfect” house was out there for me.
My frustrations started to show as time began to pass. Siggi took me to see so many beautiful homes, but none of them fit the majority of my wishes. I only had 60 days in the hotel covered by the military, therefore, I had to find something quickly or move to renting. Siggi, never lost hope and started to look “outside the box.” She showed me a home that was a bit overpriced, but fit my needs exactly. Her superior knowledge of the market allowed her to find my “dream home” for me. When the comps came in, the seller lowered her price to meet the market.
Siggi never left my side during the entire process. She was a constant shadow, always there to offer support and advice. Her professional demeanor and bubbly personality made my home-buying experience stress-free and fun. She was extremely patient and always had a smile and calming advice even during the tense moments of the home-buying process. She provided an exclusive level of attention that made me feel like I was her only client and only concern in life.
Siggi’s knowledge of the market, sweet personality, and selfless attitude create a jewel in a highly competitive and backbreaking field. I would not have found my dream home here without Mrs. Sieglinde Carty, a true professional and expert in her chosen field. I highly recommend her with the utmost regard.
Samantha S. Shirley
                                                                        MSG (P), US Army

Siggi Carty - Coldwell Banker de Wetter Hovious Real Estate
Siggi Carty - Coldwell Banker de Wetter Hovious Real Estate